The festival will take place in the Republic of Buryatia, village Atsagat on the territory of a tourist complex "Steppe nomad"

About the festival

The International Music Festival "Voice of Nomads" takes place in Buryatia since 2009. The concept of the festival is in the idea of ethnofuturism, meaning the particular relevance to the ethnic diversity of culture, turned not to the past, but into the future.

The geography of participants is increasing every year. Over the ten year history of the festival it was attended by many bands from Buryatia, Tuva, Russian regions and foreign countries as China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Hungary, Norway, the United States, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Niger, France, Jamaica, Poland, Armenia, Georgia and others.

The founder of the festival is the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Butyatia.

The organizer of the festival is the Buryat state philarmonic society.


The tourist complex "Steppe nomad" is located in 50 km from Ulan-Ude on Khorinsky highway of the Republic of Buryatia.

For all the guests of the festival the transportation will be organized from the Soviet square in Ulan-Ude to the tourist complex "Steppe nomad". There will be buses and minibuses. All the buses will have the sign plates with a logo of the festival "Voice of Nomads".

For those who want to come to Atsagat by their own vehicle, the guarded parking will be organized. The parking lot is included in the festival ticket price.


The cаmpgrounds will be organized on the territory of the “Steppe nomad”. There is no fee for setting personal tents.


Нot meals you can order in the dining room of the tourist complex “Steppe nomad” ( Buryat national meal buuzy or shish-kebab for a reasonable price). The meals from perishable products, fresh vegetables will not be not provided (including a variety of salads, except the salads in the appropriate packages with a pull-date).

Food and beverages (except alcohol) approved for sale will be sold outdoors too.

Clean fresh water will be provided for free. All water is artesian.


The tourist complex has comfortable and economy class toilet rooms.

There are shower rooms too. It will be possible to order a baths.

The main office working hours: from 9 AM till 8 PM. At other time the administrator can be invited by radio set from the guard station.


1. The Buryat State Philarmonic Hall \ Booking office
6, Erbanova str., Ulan-Ude, telephone: 8 (3012) 213224, 8 (3012) 210555

2. Electronic ticket on site https://kassy.ru


3. At the entrance to the tourist complex “Steppe nomad”, Atsagat village.

Tourist groups can buy group tickets at travel agencies, the list of agencies will be announced.


1. The guests must keep the rules of conduct and safety instructions on the territory of the Festival (all information is in the festival main office and on the festival website).

2. Charging the battaries of the mobile phones and cameras will be possible in the main office of the festival in “Steppe nomad”.

3. Drinking alcohol is not forbidden but not encouraged.

4. Everyone must commit no nuisance on the territory of ethno complex “Steppe nomad”. Garbage must be put only to the dumpsters.

5. There will be organized day-and-night duty of the STSI, police, ambulance, fire emergency and security agency


Technical administration of the festival – 574499

The festival doctor: the phone number will be known closer to the date of the festival. To solve any problem without a mobile phone, please contact the nearest man with a radio set or come to a radio set terminal. Also you can ask for help a volunteer of the festival or come to the main office.

We wish you to spend an amazing time in the Buryat steppe under the sounds of the “Voice of Nomads”!



Art-director – Natalia Ulanova, +7(3012) 211762, gorodu@mail.ru

Executive director – Natalia Balsunaeva, +7 (3021) 216673

Director of the “Steppe nomad” - Svetlana Tsybikdorzhieva, 574499, 89148457321

Press service – +7 (3012) 21-51-27 Arina Beryozkina

ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP PROPOSALS - +7 (3012) 215127, +7 (9021) 613294

You can ask a question to which you didn't find an answer:

+7(3012)211883, burconcert_u-u@mail.ru