The International Music Festival "Voice of Nomads" takes place in Buryatia since 2009. The concept of the festival is in the idea of ethnofuturism, meaning the particular relevance to the ethnic diversity of culture, turned not to the past, but into the future. Ethnofuturism is a fusion of ethnic material with a modern worldview. National culture in terms of ethnofuturism is regarded as a dynamic and changing over time. In this context, "nomads" — a symbol of dynamics, movement and freedom.

In other words, the festival is a dialogue of cultures and not an indicаtive costumed folklore show. This explains the principle of the selection of music bands — participants of the festival. The high level of professional musicians, who, based on folk music, create a contemporary musical art. The festival "Voice of Nomads" is intended to open a new space of communication, a new dimension at the crossroads of city culture and national traditions.

The geography of participants is increasing every year. Over the ten year history of the festival it was attended by many bands from Buryatia, Tuva, Russian regions and foreign countries as China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Hungary, Norway, the United States, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Niger, France, Jamaica, Poland, Armenia, Georgia and others.

The founder of the festival is the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Butyatia. The organizer of the festival is the Buryat state philarmonic society.