The UulUs band belongs to Central cultural palace and Zun production. Five people who have been resurrected by the nationality of the Mongolian nation and ethnic groups will be honored by the Mongolian national praise, blessing and Mongolian folk songs. Using the Mongolian throat singing, tangible cultural heritage, morin khuur and amino fiddle, the Mongolian intangible cultural heritage is produced by the Mongol culture and traditions and folklore. The band established in 2018 September.

Old fiddler – horse head fiddler, throat singer Sosorbaram Enkhtur
Buryatian old man – band leader, singer percussionist Otgonbat Ganbat
Uuld old man – bass horse head fiddler Temuujin Tumurbaatar
Darkhad old man – tovshuur player, throat singer Odbayar Oyunbaatar
Khalkha old man – horse head fiddler, throat singer Namsraijav Davaasuren