The ensemble "TURAN" was created more than ten years ago by students of the Kazakh Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. Now the participants are professional multi-instrumental musicians, doctors and masters of art history, specialists in the study of folklore and experts on the intangible heritage of the Kazakh people from UNESCO. The band has three albums, performances in more than 70 countries of the world, about 600 solo concerts. The ensemble “Turan” performed in the famous halls of the world: “Carnegie Hall” (New York), “Concert House” (Berlin), “Kremlin Palace” (Moscow), “Palace of Congress and Festivals” (Cannes), etc. Also participants ensemble write music for movies, TV shows and performances.

The musicians masterly own national musical instruments, perform ancient songs and their own compositions. “We acquaint the listener with his understanding of the universe and the treasures of melodies, with special freedom of expression,” say the members of the ensemble. Musicians strive to recreate the sound of archaic instruments, to find new ways and forms for playing instruments: sybyzy, shakobyz, saz-syrny, sherter, zhetіgen, shіkkildek, dombyra, zyla-kobyz, as well as the ancient art of traditional throat singing in modern performance.