The Shono group was founded in 2014 by a multi-instrumentalist, throat singing artist Alexander Arkhincheev.

Alexander Arkhincheev, professionally performs and arranges Buryat legends and uligers-epics, has throat singing and masterfully plays Buryat and Mongolian traditional instruments. Musicians use the usual, at first glance, the composition of the instruments. But on the scene they create a rock-n-roll atmosphere, from which it is impossible to break away without listening to the end.

Shono has performed at many Russian music festivals - “The Way to Yourself” (Kaluga), Baikal-live (Irkutsk), “The World of Siberia” (Krasnoyarsk Territory), “VOTETNO!” (Gorny Altai), Sib World Music Fest (Novosibirsk). And not only Russian - The Spirit of Tengri and Nomad Way (Kazakhstan), Porta (Latvia), International Festival of the Rapprochement of Cultures (Poland).

Group members: Alexander Arkhincheev (Morin-Khur, throat singing, limba, tovshuur, arrangement), Vladimir Sidorov (bass guitar, backing vocals, throat singing, harp), Evgenia Tomitova (yataga, backing vocals) and Konstantin Tokarsky (drums, percussion, background vocals).