The Retuses appeared in the early 2010s and immediately became popular. Then it was fashionable to give the prefix to indie musicians who appeared, and gentle romantics with a small ukulele were called the generation of “new silent ones”. At that time, 18-year-old Misha Rodionov sang about Shagane and about his holidays on the Baltic Sea, The Retuses got its audience, among which were fans of musicians Bon Iver and Beirut, and fans of Silver Age poetry, and new hipsters.

In 2013, the group arrived at the “Voice of the Nomads”. And until now, many listeners warmly recall that performance and consider it the most appropriate spirit of the festival. The Retuses gave concerts, performed on television and radio, went on tours. And then suddenly disappeared from the musical radar.

After five years of silence, the band returned with a new sound. At the end of March 2019 Mikhail Rodionov introduced the album “OMYT” to the audience. Initially, he thought like a play or a musical. Later it turned out that the replicas of the heroes could become an annotation to the action, and the creator didn’t want this: “I’m for the audience to use their imagination, for the songs to associate or somehow form into a story, live their lives. And in general, I am not a fan of giving everything black and white. ”

Behind the new songs is a lot of work on the sound and plot, the desire to be out of the confusion and routine of everyday life. “I exchanged my youth on this album,” their author writes. They were noisy, but remained quiet.