The festival “Voice of nomads” invites not only foreign musicians and famous Russian performers. An important mission of the festival is to discover new names of musicians from Buryatia or to show new facets of already familiar Ulan-Ude groups. One of these popular groups “Sezon Dozhdey” is preparing a new program specifically for “Voice of Nomads“.

"Sezon Dozhdey" has existed for more than ten years. Group leader Ivan Ulanov writes songs since childhood. The musicians themselves say that they play in the style of “BoomRock”. In their playing style, you can hear the influence of both funk and pop rock. Among the musical instruments are traditional guitars, drums and bright memorable frontman vocals.

The group was familiar to many listeners of Buryatia and for many years successfully gave concerts in city venues. Took part in international festivals, including V-ROX in Vladivostok, Colisium Music Week in St. Petersburg.

“But we wanted something more. It was difficult to stew in its own juice. There was no one to compare myself with in order to grow further, ”says Ivan Ulanov in an interview.

And "Sezon Dozhdey" went to China. For several years the band members were engaged in music there, performing and making useful contacts. After some time, the team began to invite to local festivals. The group had more experience with the public, they became more confident in themselves and their material. However, the “Sezon Dozhdey” continues to grow, make plans and look for its sound. At the “Voice of Nomads” festival, the group will perform for the first time and present new songs on it.