Folk-rock fans have long been waiting for this band to perform. And now, finally, "Melnitsa", will perform for the first time in Buryatia

The journey from tiny clubs to huge stadiums took ten years - there were radical changes in the composition, triumphs on the radio, public recognition and a huge number of live concerts. The group managed not only to change the audience’s attitude to folk, but also to make this genre as popular as we see it in Russia today.

The band members themselves define their creativity as folk rock. On the albums you can hear crystal harp ballads (“The Tale of the Devil”), and the fatal “militants” (“The Martian Express”), and plays with a touch of jazz (“The Witch”). A very attentive listener will notice in the sound of Melnitsa the influence of such legendary performers as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Jefferson Airplane - and they will be right, as the musicians consider it necessary to rely on the tradition of Western rock music in their work.

The leader of the group, Natalia O’Shay aka Helavisa, is a professional Indo-European linguist. In her texts, she uses both hints to Indo-European mythology and folklore, as well as the traditions of Russian poetry of the 20th century. Some songs were written in classic lyrics by Yeats and Gumilev.