Inga Ingrid is a graduate of Ulan-Ude College of Music named after Tchaikovsky in the class of Morin-Huur, a nominee for the award of experimental ethnic music and dance “Stereotypes of the Future” (Moscow).

A few years ago, she heard archive records of Buryat folk singers. They were made back in the 50s of the last century, and the works themselves belonged to the pre-revolutionary time. The girl was bitterly aware that these songs live only on records: nobody sings them now, but only a few listen to them. For three years she carefully studied these records, worked on the idea, restored the texts and imagined how the project should sound.

From the listener of the Buryat folk song, the girl became her performer. She found her own style and sound image, bought a bass guitar and learned how to play it, and most importantly - found her own vocal “instrument”.

“I like and want to experiment with ethnic music. First of all, this is the music of my ancestors. Ethnic music carries some cultural code that we need today. I want to keep abreast of the times, with valuable luggage of the past. ”