IGRO or Igor Kushikov has been studying music since the age of six. During this time, he mastered six musical instruments and often uses different instruments at his concerts. At the beginning of 2018, Igor founded the IGRO project, for which he himself writes lyrics, music, and creates arrangements.

IGRO music is hip-hop about what each person faces: about being strong, looking for your place in life and not stopping before difficulties. “I am not a supporter of songs about what I have not yet experienced,” says the musician about himself.

After a bright performance at the “Voice of the Nomads 2018” festival, IGRO released its debut album, published a new video, performed at music venues in Ulan-Ude and other cities. Now the musician is preparing to release a new EP-album and, of course, a bright performance at the festival "Voice of the Nomads 2019".