Dashima Soktoeva - the winner of the Grand Prix of the All-Buryat Festival “Altargana-2002”, winner of the Golden Iria award in the nomination “Best Soloist” of the International Festival-Competition “Sayan Ring”, awarded the title “Golden Voice of Siberia”, winner of the Dugarzhapa Dashiev vocalists competition . In the past, she was a member of the theater studio “Uragsha”, now she is a soloist of the Buryat Philharmonic. A wide range, allowing you to take both deep low notes, and resonant high, prolonged performance and naturalness of Buryat intonations - this combination forces the public to listen to every note.

This year has become very productive for the singer. Last July, Dashima took the stage for the first time after a three-year career break and opened a series of concerts at the festival “Voice of Nomads 2018”. This performance gathered a full hall of fans of the singer’s creativity and became a powerful start for returning to the stage.

After that, Dashima gave solo concerts in the Buryat Philharmonic and at other venues, performed with the Russian ensemble “Transbaikalia”. A memorable gift for the holiday of the White month was a joint concert of Dashima with another favorite of the public - Seseg Ayushieva.

The Dashima program includes heartfelt Buryat folk tunes. All of them are connected with the singer's memories of childhood, her love for the house and thanks to her parents. Each of her songs draws in the imagination of the endless expanse of the steppe, where the bright sun shines, and the aroma of aa-ganga soars in the clear air.